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  Embraced By the Forest


What is Forest bathing?

Do you feel stressed and need to unwind or would you like to discover nature in another way?


Maybe it is time to take a lush forest bath-dive into the forest and let the forest embrace you, finding peace and quiet for yourself.

Forest bathing comes from the Japanese word Shinrin-Yoku 森林 浴 and means to bathe your senses in the atmosphere of the forest. To move at a slow pace and use all senses to experience nature and connect to living beings in a friendly and reciprocal way.


Shinrin-Yoku developed in Japan in the 1980s as a result of increased work-related health issues. It was found that a peaceful and sensual contact with nature recovers the body from stress, stimulates creativity and increases over-all well-being. Medical studies have found that Shinrin-Yoku lowers blood pressure, reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol and also strengthen the immune system when breathing in the scent signals released into the air by the forest. These are called phytonsides and acts to increase our number of white blood cells, specifically natural killer cells.


The forest bathing we guide, also called Nature and Forest Therapy, aims to deepen our experience of being in contact with the untamed non-human world that surround and perfuses us. That we are a bit of nature- an equal part of nature's diversity.






In forest bathing we move slowly and use our senses to smell, see, taste, feel and hear our surroundings.


We are offered a sequence of different suggestions or invitations that aim to awaken our minds to lead us to being presence and in contact with nature and ourselves. The sequence is developed by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and is personalized by each guide and adapted to participants, nature and weather.


The forest bath ends with a tea ceremony in nature.


A typical forest bath lasts 2-3 hours.

What happens during a forest bath?

relax under a tree

Do I have to hug trees?


In forest bathing you are invited find what you need at your own pace. Each experience is personal and unique and no one is more right than another.


We alternate between discovering ourselves in silence and sharing experiences with one another.


Forest baths can be adapted to all ages and physical conditions.


drawing tree heartbeat
drawing bird on head

What do I need?


Since we bathe our minds and senses and not our bodies and we slow down the pace, no bathing suits are required, but instead an extra layer of clothing, comfortable shoes and a seat-pad for comfort. It can also be good to bring water and some snacks .


My name is Helena Johard and I am a certified Shinrin-Yoku guide by the association of Nature and Forest Therapy. I  guide mainly on Lidingö and in Hälsingland in Sweden. I am a practicing fine artist and have also been researching stem cells and neurobiology.


Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by what life is and how we perceive reality. Nature with all the life-forms that surrounds us is an endless secret space to experience where new stories are interwoven. It reminds me of the joyful feeling I experienced as a child of a spirited nature and the forest as a fabulous adventure where time is endless and all emotions have a place.

Meet the guide

Certified Nature and Forest Therapy guide, Association of Nature and Forest Therapy 
Certifierad Första Hjälpen i Friluftsliv (NOLS)

Filosofie doktor, neurobiologi, Stockholms Universitet 
Bachelor of Fine Art, Honors, Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art  


certification ANFT

Said about forest bathing:

“Soothing, calming, nice to stop and note here and now. Very pleasant exercises (invitations) and guiding. Helena did this absolutely wonderfully. Quiet, inspiring and professional!”

— Anna

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