Current Forest Bathings

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Let the forest scents lead you to your own place in nature

Explore the winter in nature, find how time goes  slower, mingle with the darkness  and welcome our body wants to hibernate, relax and breathe with the trees. 

During the winter you can  forest bathing  with warm hammocks, in the full moon darkness or have fun with your family in the winter snow.

During these times we will smaller groups of a maximum of 7 participants , keep distances to each other and you may bring your own cup to theta-ceremony . Face-masks is available  on demand, which is an international standard (Airbnb and the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy).   Of course, you and I will only come if we are completely healthy and asymptomatic. Keep Safe!

We also accept Physical Activity on Prescription (FAR)!


Forest bath at Waldermarsudde, Djurgården


20th March 11: 00-13: 30


A forest bath walk in relatively easy terrain approaching Prince Eugene's heavens. Feel the mountainous archipelago  and come  close to the  historic deciduous forests. We have a tea ceremony on the old rocks and anchor ourselves in nature with all our senses.

Collection: Cafe Ektorpet, Waldemarsudde

Price 350 kr

Forest bath in the full moonlight 

Friday 18th March 17: 30-20: 00  (Stockby collection, Lidingö)

We walk out at dusk and experience how the  light slowly turns into moonlight. We rest our souls in the calm darkness and notice how the forest shines in the light of the full moon - even when the sky is covered with clouds.  A deep experience in darkness and light, ancient  and that we are part of nature -an ancient feeling of earth and space. In the dark forest we have a tea ceremony  and maybe we see the moon light up spruces and cast shadows. 

Collection: Stockby

Price: 350 kr


Skogsbad för vila och förvandling


Sunday, March 6th  14: 00-16: 30 Full

Sunday 10th April 12: 00-15: 00

Are you undergoing transformation,  in the middle of change or just want to feel alive and recapture time? When winter lets nature rest, it is a good time to hibernate and let wounds heal. We walk out and discover nature with all our senses and find tranquility. Warmly embedded and pupated in hammocks, we let body and soul catch up with time for inner dynamics where we are gently rocked in nature.

We finish  with a  tea ceremony where we reflect on our journey where we are also offered hot chocolate and coffee.

Collection: Stockby, Lidingö

Price: SEK 350

Collect edible plants in the spring

Brevik, Lidingö


15th May  11: 00-13: 30

A walk in  nature to foraging wild plants. We discover  and collects edible plants in the spring when they are most delicious and starts from Brevik's harbour onLidingö. We continue our hike in secret places in Brevik's nature, collect edible plants, roots and shoots from soil and trees . You will bring herbs, leaves and roots home that you can serve for Sunday dinner and we end our hike drinking tea  harvested plants with medicinal use.  


Equipment: Pen, paper and mobile phone for documentation.  


Collection: Brevik's sea scout cabin, Lidingö

Price: 350 kr


Nature's secret life - a full day of forest therapy at

Ecotopia, Österlen


4th June 2022  10: 00-16: 30   


In Skogens Famn, invite you to slow down in the  nature at the Ecotopia knowledge center in Österlen 

We  mingle with trees and shrubs and lets our senses find peace in close contact with  nature and life.

We start the day by hearing about how we can recover  together with nature, the medicine of the forest and immerse ourselves in new knowledge about nature's green senses and secret lives.

Inspired by nature's abilities, we walk towards  Mariavall Monastery and experience  the early summer forest, allows the forest to change time and space and bathes our senses in contact with the moss, the trees and life.  


Together  we enjoy  of a joint vegan lunch with flavors of wild plants at Ecotopia. 

In the afternoon, we connect with nature and let the body find a place to stay for a longer time and see what happens. We will have a notebook and pen to write or draw reflections but leave open for the moment to take us where it wants. We end the day with a tea ceremony in the woods where there is room for laughter, feedback, reflections and new ideas.

Price: (incl. 25% VAT) incl. vegan / rawfood lunch and coffee: SEK 850

Info and booking:


Forest Bathing with Family or Private Group

Take a break from indoor life and show your favorite place under a spruce or let your face dwell into the soft moss and smell.

We go out to a private group and bathe our senses in the forest, relax from the internet and connect ourselves to nature. Together we boost body and soul with nature's own health pills guided by playful and sensual invitations in nature.


Price: SEK 300 / adult SEK 100 / child Time: 2.5 h


Gift card

It is also possible to buy gift cards digitally for someone you like. Email and enter the number of participants the gift card applies to. Upon payment, you will receive a digital gift card with a code that is activated when registering for a public forest bath.

Email when registering:

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tel: 0768097636